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We are a new steam only kitchen opening in LA! We bring not only a new concept of chinese cuisine, but we will also shock you that healthy food can be so tasty!
Today, everyone knows that steamed food is healthy, but few can make steamed food delicious. In our hometown, a village along the Yangzi River, there is a heritage of steaming that goes back more than 4,600 years. It is a place where all foods can be steamed, and everyone can make a good steamed dish. Our mother company is a famous restaurant chain in China. It was the first to bring this oldest, most primitive and authentic style of home-cooked steamed foods from the villages to the streets of Beijing and spread them all across China.
Now, we hope to bring this cusine to Los Angeles and spread this healthy, natural and delicious lifestyle. Come try for yourself!



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We strive to deliver the most authentic and rewarding dining experiences
  • Absolutely amazing! This restraunt just opened down the street from my house and exceeded all my expectations. Authentic and delicious dim sum that is such a bang for your buck while not compromising flavor and authenticity.
    Alex W.
  • Delicious and healthy food that leaves you feeling really good.
    Ryan H.
  • A lovely new place that excels in all areas. You're instantly immersed in a clean, modern ambiance and greeted by ardent hosts. I'm big on simple menus with each dish being exemplary which this restaurant really comes through on.
    Float L.
  • Life lesson: sometimes the best things are right in front of your face.
    Jessica Lee
  • Wow! Spectacular and authentic food in a very unassuming location. Their steamed dishes add a great dimension of flavors.
    David M.

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